Why is WBR DE not certified by the DZI (Deutsches Spendensiegel)?

Thank you for asking this question. It shows that you are critically reflecting the impact of our organisation. There are two reasons why World Bicycle Relief in Germany is not certified by the DZI:

  1. The DZI mainly examines the ratio of administration versus program costs. That is good and important. However the institution does not use mechanisms that measure the impact of the programs. They don’t ask: “How efficient is the program in terms of improving livelihood and how sustainable is this improvement.” However we consider this aspect crucial to our work. You can learn more about our funding and spending on our Financials page.
  2. Attaining the donation certificate of the DZI is cost and time expensive. World Bicycle Relief Deutschland was founded only few years ago and is working with limited personal resources. Our focus lies on spending our time on the greater good and improving people’s opportunities. However we will apply for the certificate of DZI soon.

Further information from the DZI Website: Only one quarter of the total sum of donations in Germany are collected by organizations carrying the DZI certificate. These are mainly large organizations.

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