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    keitis brown

    hello guys i am so impress and joy to writes my comment, i am young Gambia age of 21 attending J.Kastrup Memorial Technical Skill Training Centre Kembujeh for 3 year academic study for Building Plant about house construction in feature, this purpose fo writing this comment is all about the sympathetic about the young peoples in our village walking foots to school where they parent are not alife and they ar lack of help to them, sometimes they reach late to school with serious muachual work, and i feel cry for them to give help but still i am also in going student i too fine hardship to my school fees but kid education is in my concerns because i am Red Cross Volunteers , it will be a joy if i see reply to me ok take care and hopefully to hear u guys soon to me

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    World Bicycle Relief Support

    Dear Keitis,

    Thank you so much for your comment. We at World Bicycle Relief are so happy to hear that our mission and work has resonated well with you! 

    Your kind words and concern for the people that we work to serve is exactly what fuels our passion.

    Thank you again and best of luck with your studies! 

    -WBR Staff

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