What is World Bicycle Relief's Charity Navigator Score?

World Bicycle Relief rating on Charity Navigator went down from 3 stars to 2 stars in 2015, mainly based on a decline in the size of our Board of Directors. WBR’s number of board members dipped below the Charity Navigator recommended size due to a board member’s resignation at the end of his term at the end of the calendar year. As of October 2016 Board Meeting a new member was approved and added to the board. With the filing of World Bicycle Relief 2016 990 Form, we feel confident that we will return to a score in the Accountability and Transparency section to warrant a 3-star rating.  

Regarding World Bicycle Relief’s Charity Navigator Score on Financial Health –

Charity Navigator’s current evaluation model is slightly misleading and does not recognize the specifics of many excellent charities, including World Bicycle Relief’s unique and fast growing business model. Their methodology only considers information reported on the United States IRS Form 990 and thus fails to take into account World Bicycle Relief’s global platform of 4 fundraising countries, 6 African program countries and the impact of bicycles that have been deployed in 18 developing countries. WBR’s US IRS Form 990 does not include a significant portion of its global operations, therefore providing an inaccurate view of WBR’s total impact and its global operational efficiency.

World Bicycle Relief has delivered well over 300,000 new bicycles in 18 countries since its founding in 2005. According to World Bicycle Relief’s 2015 Consolidated Financials, programs were 77% and management/fundraising overhead was 23%. World Bicycle Relief is committed to maintaining a disciplined ratio as a high growth organization that is eleven years old while investing in increased monitoring & evaluation, program expansion into new countries, and program refinements to increase impact.

A much more useful tool for understanding WBR’s cost structure and impact is the WBR 2015 Consolidated Financial Statements and Independent Auditor’s Report (posted on our website).

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